Technology is not only changing how content is consumed, it is also changing how content is made. This change in content brought about by new technology will create new and more satisfying content structures. Here is a quick look at the services GoodWizard has to offer.


Film & TV Production

We work with the industry’s leading directors and talent and collaborate with some of the most influential figures in film and TV. As a result, we create genre-defying theatrical releases and TV single dramas & drama series.

Content Creation

Our mission is to be the pioneering content production company that challenges the status quo. We are cutting through the noise that clouds the content marketing landscape and delivering content that people want to see.


Great content is rooted from talented individuals putting their minds together to work towards creating something amazing. Having someone invest in your project and help to bring it to life can provide that spark that turns ideas into magic.


Episodic Television

We can take an idea and develop the format; characters; story lines; and full script for your potential show. We help develop and create your sizzle reel/trailer, pilot or complete series of episodes for your TV concept.

Virtual Reality

We have all the minds you need to build new worlds. We create entire environments from scratch in virtual reality. Our sole mission is to provide the best VR product available. We get hired to create visually engaging and immersive experiences.